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Unlock Exclusive Industry Insights with S101Access

S101Access, a membership program, gives unparalleled insight and support to elevate any dental practice.  Overcome the burdens of Dental Insurance by understanding how to correctly utilize it in your practice.  Learn how to navigate the channels of payor lists, TPAs, Self-Funded vs Commercial Plans, and State Regulations vs ERISA controlled Benefit Programs.

Don’t go at it alone, gain the advantage with S101Access! 

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S101Access was built to serve the demand of clients that need continual support but not full contract restructuring.  S101Access can help your office understand the changes, effectively communicate those changes to patients, make informed decisions backed by millions of industry data points, and maintain that advantage for years to come.

Being that Solutions101 is an independently owned company, it is the only consumer of its data, to offer you and your practice unbiased facts based on over a decade of deep market understanding.

So why join another membership program?  S101Access doesn’t just identify the problem in a graph or chart, S101Access will help you correct the issue.

Member Portal
  • Business Exchange: Access an elite listing of dental industry leaders approved by S101.
  • Resource Center: Explore a wealth of information and documents developed by S101 for use in your practice.
  • Simplify the process.
  • Know when to Credential or ReCredential to avoid a contracting situation.
  • Understand the forms and carrier strategies to use to your advantage.
Data Analytics
  • Know which plans are paying under which carrier contracts.
  • Know when to accept or opt-out of carrier networking.
  • Secure portal access for uploading and monitoring of benefit documents.
  • Decode the Explanation of Benefits (EOBs).
Learning Content
  • Talk Tracks: Scripts for effective communication with patients and insurance companies via various channels.
  • Industry News: Stay updated on relevant news and developments in the dental industry.
  • Solution Guides: Educational materials to deepen understanding of various topics related to market changes.
  • Quick Question:  Have direct access to S101’s team for consultations and recommendations.
  • Market Evaluations & Assessments: Utilize data analytics and evaluations conducted by S101 algorithms.
  • Fee Guides: Receive guidance on UCR modifications and strategies tailored to patient plans in your practice.
  • S101 Hosted: Enjoy free admission to events hosted by S101, including workshops, webinars, and seminars.
  • S101 Guest Speaker: Invite S101 experts to speak at your study club or private event with priority booking.
  • Amount of S101 Clients in at Least 1 Network 87% 87%
  • Amount of S101 Clients in 4 or More Networks 78% 78%
  • Average Number of Patient Attrition From Moving Contracts 6% 6%

Results Matter

Full Project S101 clients are able to utilize data to correctly position their practice(s) in the market.  Don’t let the fear of patient loss or the unknown hold you back from generating the revenue your practice deserves…or maintain the revenue you have worked so hard to gain.

Contracts Moved in 2023

Million Data Points to Make Informed Decisions From

Why Join?

Peace of Mind

Tired of countless documents being sent over by Insurance companies?  Need a resource to help decipher them?  Need to know if it is truly an issue of credentialing or contracting?

Setting your Fees

Ever wondered why certain plans pay better out of network when others don’t pay anything at all?  Use market data to determine what your fees should be based on YOUR patient base, not a generalized percentage or list.

Retain Revenue

Do you know what to do when a notice is sent about a network arrangement?  Understand what it means to your patient base and operating account when a carrier creates or deletes a leased network and how to quickly manage the situation.

Market Navigation

Did you know educating yourself on the Dental Insurance Market is the most import tool in overcoming the financial burden of Dental Insurance?  Know how to navigate the market and the carriers so that you are not busy with flat revenue.

In vs Out

Ever wondered what it would look like if you joined a network?  Ever wondered what it would look like if you left a network?  Take the fear and unknown out with Data.

Zero Conflict

S101Access is an independent company free of NDAs or ulterior motives to push other products into your practice.  Our mission is to give you a resource to promote revenue gain and patient retention.